We Scream for Ice Cream!

Up your dessert game with our cereal-infused ice cream

What goes best with cereal? Okay, okay-most of us would probably say milk. But what is ice cream if not milk that's been leveled up? Cereal and ice cream go together super well, and they taste even better when served in a mason jar that's been filled to the brim.

At The Cereal Spot, our goal is to provide each customer with a fully customizable experience. Adding ice cream as a base option for cereal just seemed like a no-brainer! Try a new type of dessert when you visit us today.

5 steps to a tasty treat

Wondering what you can expect when you visit us? The process is simple:

1. Pick your favorite ice cream flavor.
2. Pick a cereal to infuse it with.
3. Pick some toppings from our topping bar.
4. Watch us mix everything together in front of you.
5. Enjoy your mason jar ice cream treat!

We carry Perry's Local Ice Cream, and we've got tons of flavors. Stop by today to pick your favorite.