Got Milk?

Cereal and milk are made for each other

Milk is our most popular cereal base, or as we like to call it, foundation. Sometimes, you can't improve on the classics. That's why we keep our fridge well-stocked with all different types of milk. Almond, soy, cashew, whole, skim-we've got it all.

We've made ourselves cereal experts, and that means pouring just the right amount of milk each and every time. It's serious business. Visit The Cereal Spot today to get a gourmet bowl of cereal.

A great bowl of cereal starts with a strong foundation

Alright, let's get down into the nitty-gritty. Here's why you should have milk with your cereal:

Milk is classic-Can you name a more iconic duo than cereal and milk? We're waiting...
Milk is healthy-You know, strong bones! If you're going to have sugary cereal, you might as well have some calcium, too.
Milk is for everyone-We've got plenty of milks to choose from, so you'll find something to fit your diet.

Of course, you can also order a glass to wash down your ice cream with. Bring the whole family by for a fun take on the classic cereal and milk combo.